Food Safety Consultants

Food Hygiene Consultants

Food Hygiene Consultants

At Creative Community Training CIC Ltd our Practicing Food Safety Consultants deliver quality industry relevant qualifications required by law for your business. Our training consultants offer a wide variety of training courses for individuals and groups that cover all the below areas:

Food Safety Training
Basic Food Hygiene Training
Advanced Food Hygiene Training
CIEH Levels 1 to 4 Training
Health & Safety Training
Hospitality Training
Housekeeping inspection
Staff Training Records Audit (includes further recommendations plan)

HACCP Training:-
Safer Food Better Business Paperwork Audit
Temperature control
Pest Control

We offer ‘accredited training courses’ in all the above areas, our food hygiene consultancy service makes sure your business and food handling staff are fully up to date on the latest food hygiene practices ensuring your business is respected and safe.

Food Hygiene Consultants
As consultants in the food safety industry we operate strict accredited training that deliver accredited Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) certificates. Our bespoke consultancy service is particularly useful and practical for small business operators who are time challenged by the increasing red-tape of all the relevant agencies.

Consultancy Service
If you are running a food service business like a pub, cafe or restaurant for example food safety and health and safety can be a time consuming activity trying to keep up to date with all the new criteria and legislation. At Creative Community Training CIC Ltd we can provide consultants who can train and help deliver the right accredited food hygiene certificates required for your business. Contact us today to speak to one of our training consultants about booking our service.

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Food Hygiene Regulations

The Food Hygiene Regulations 2006

The introduction of the 2006 EU Food Hygiene legislation has helped to simplify the previous legislation in areas there were loop holes and confusion existed. The 2006 legislation was a clear and modern approach that offers simple and consolidated guidelines. Another aspect of the 2006 food hygiene legislation is that it takes in the ‘whole …

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Food Standard Agency

Food Hygiene News

The FSA promotes the microbiological safety of food throughout the food chain. It is responsible for the strategy for reducing foodborne illness, promoting a hazard analysis-based approach to food safety management and providing guidance for producers, retailers, caterers and the general public. It also deals with microbiological food hazards and outbreaks of foodborne disease.   …

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